Net Worth Growth

I’m going to list the growth in my net worth here. Hopefully it will inspire others to take control of their finances and start stashing as much as cash as they can.

I started this journey in 2011 or 2012, but I only started tracking my income, expenses, and savings in 2015. And I only started tracking the growth of my net worth closely starting in 2016.

I wish I had all the numbers from the very beginning because I started with around $20,000 in debt, working minimum wage jobs, and feeling pretty hopeless. It’s important to note that though my net worth tracking starts at around $23,000, at this point I had actually “saved” closer to $40,000, with the first $20,000 paying off my debt.

Check out my “Income, Spending and Investing” posts if you’re curious to see how I break things down. I will be posting them on a monthly basis.


  • January – $23,329.77
  • February – $23,367.33
  • March – $26,497.35
  • April – $26,201.24
  • May – $28,507.26
  • June – $28,660.46
  • July – $30,961.34
  • August – $30,306.47