Hi there, and thanks for stopping by!

My name is Frugal Bastard, and at the time of typing this filthy slurm I’m a 29 year old man(child) who’s finally decided to get things in order, choose a path, and follow it with confidence.

I’ve spent the better part of the last decade playing music “professionally.” I toured this beautiful country called Canada multiple times with the most radical of people. I’ve had the opportunity to meet even more of these radical people while at the same time taking in some of the most extra radical scenery imaginable. Thing is, the band broke up. It was my life, and it sort of left me in shambles emotionally and financially. It’s taken some time to finally piece things back together, but I’m back baby, and damn it feels fucking awesome.

So, as if it’s not obvious, I’m no writer. I’ve always wanted to write SOMETHING and so this will be my documented journey. The stated goal of this blog? Following my path to Financial Independence, and ultimately Early Retirement, by the time I’m 40. How so? Through frugality, smart/logical investing, and shedding away the constant social pressures to spend more then you earn, keeping up with The Jones’, and all those other anti-radical habits our culture seems to enjoy shoving down our eye and ear holes every single second of life.

Let’s do this!

Be kind, and fucking smile already.

The Bastard


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