Catch Up Series: September 2016 Income, Spending and Investing

At the bottom of this post is a screenshot from the spreadsheet I was using in 2016 when I became serious about tracking my income, spending, and my investing.

In hindsight I wish I had made these posts in real-time, as my situation was unfolding. I had intentions to do so, but, I was focused on graduating at the top of my college class and landing a job that would triple my income.

This is for the month of August, 2016.

Let’s see what we’ve got!

Total Income: $1901.63
Total Spending: $1768.85
Total Invested: $544.37

% of Income Invested: 28.63%

Total Net Worth: $30,476.37

Back to school, back to school…

If it isn’t obvious from the numbers my paychecks are dwindling. As per usual, I still did my best to keep my savings rate above 25% even if it meant dipping into the buffer of cash I’d keep in my chequing account. This was purely for psychological reasons; it wouldn’t be sustainable long term, but it made me feel good.

I must have bought a textbook or two as well, as my school expenses are decent. I got reimbursed for all my books via a government program that helps underemployed people go back for a couple years of retraining. A fantastic program, I should add, if I haven’t mentioned it before. It’s a lot of work to get into and approved, but it’s worth it. In fact, it’s this program that would be providing me with a livable income throughout the school year.

The only other big expense I see, in retrospect, is under the Bike category. I must have needed a tune up, or a new tire, or something like that. I could go back through the spreadsheet and see if I left myself a note – I usually did/do when it’s an atypical expense – but I’m not going to do that haha.

$100 on alcohol doesn’t make me feel great either, but sitting here in 2020 typing this I know that expense category is going to start to look even more disgusting once I start my full time job in 2017…

Well, that sums up September 2016.


Monthly Tabulation - 2016 - income_expenses SEPTEMBER


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