Catch Up Series: April 2016 Income, Spending and Investing

At the bottom of this post is a screenshot from the spreadsheet I was using in 2016 when I became serious about tracking my income, spending, and my investing.

In hindsight I wish I had made these posts in real-time, as my situation was unfolding. I had intentions to do so, but, I was focused on graduating at the top of my college class and landing a job that would triple my income.

This is for the month of April, 2016.

Let’s see what we’ve got!

Total Income: $1295.94
Total Spending: $1605.71
Total Invested: $330.04

% of Income Invested: 25.47%

Total Net Worth: $26,201.24

Another pretty lean month when it comes to income.

I was still in school of course, getting closer and closer to the Summer work term.

I think at this point I knew that I had been accepted into one of the highest paying work terms the program had to offer. I remember the first half of 2016 being highly competitive

There were at least 25 folks in the course (I can’t remember now) and we all knew there were limited number of paying work terms to go around. Outwardly most of us were acting casual and friendly, but in the back of our minds we all knew it was cutthroat. The rewards demanded it.

As you’ll see in the coming months, landing this paid work term was a big deal for me. It allowed me to save serious cash between the first two years of school; allowing me to fund the entire second year of the program. I worked my ass off, and I deserved it.

Looking closer at the numbers. Once again, I’m not happy with the amount I spent on alcohol. This is something I’m struggling with to this very day. It’s not a problem until it is. I’m starting to question my reliance on drinking. It won’t lead to anything positive, that’s for sure.

Otherwise, things look good.

I must have bought something for my bike, or maybe I bought new running shoes. I can’t remember, but there’s a $203.91 total in that category. I never feel bad spending there.

Slowly but surely I was building up my TFSA over at Questrade. My net worth did take a dip this month though. There must have been some down days in the market. No big deal.

That’s it for April 2016. Hard to believe it’s over three years ago, but, here we are!

Life seems to be moving in the right direction.

Anyone have any stories to tell me?

Click the picture below if you want to explore the different categories.


Monthly Tabulation - 2016 - income_expenses APril


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