September 2014 Income and Spending

I thought it would be curious to start posting my income and expenses, on a monthly basis, both as a point of reference for you readers and as a way for me to publicly keep my shit in line…as best I can.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the numbers.


Paychecks: $1199.89
Tips: $23.48
Other: $97.35 (This month this includes $75 in Futureshop gift cards I received, and some cash from a bottle return.)
Interest/Dividends: $8.18

Total: $1328.90




Juice for Booze: $0 (this is the “Cider Fund” for our delicious Frugal Home Brew!)
Coffee/Snacks: $17.81
Groceries: $105.74
Booze: $67.97
Fast Food/Restaurants: $0


Cell Phone: $51.39
Rent: $258.75
Tenant Insurance: $7.48
Internet: $31.04




Taxi Rides: $0
Bike Maintenance: $0
Public Transit: $11
Gas: $0

Home Supplies and Maintenance

Laundry: $12
Entertainment: $155.36
Kitchen/Bathroom supplies: $26.29
Clothing: $30.06



Total: $777.25



Questrade TFSA Deposits: $534.80
Scotiabank TFSA Deposits: $8.18

Alright, so there it is! Another month has come and gone, money in and money out.

My investment deposits this month are a little disappointing. I aim for a 50% savings rate but have been struggling to reach that amount these past couple months. This will change in October when both my hourly wage and my weekly hours go up! Hurrah for promotions.

Typing remains difficult as I’m still stranded with a cast on my right wrist, so reflecting on the numbers is going to be limited.

You may notice a new category called “Entertainment.” This represents my purchase of a Kobo Arc. I consider this purchase a 50/50 draw between entertainment and investment. I’ve already started reading much more because of it, and after discovering such nifty “Brain Exercising” apps such as “Luminosity,” “Elevate,” and “NeuronNation” it’s actually become  a very positive piece of workout equipment.

My spending on “Booze” is high. I’d like to keep it between $30 and $50 a month, but with some extra friend hang outs this month it caused a few more dollars to be sent in that direction.

An absolute HUGE success this month was the lack of going out to eat! I’m proud of this because it can be such an overwhelming temptation. SELF HIGH FIVE.

Well, that’s it from your friend The Frugster today.

How do my income/expenses compare to yours? Any tips and tricks you care to share?

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