101 Pounds Later.

Carvey-running-tips-slideThis morning I was greeted with a welcomed surprise, which inspired me to write this impromptu and likely poorly proofread post.

I’ve had weight issues and problems for the majority of my  life. Going all the way back to my early grade school days I always felt as if I was the “fat kid” in the class. I struggled with cravings and overeating in a big way. I can clearly remember going into super ninjaspy mode, sneaking down into the kitchen to make secret sandwiches, sometimes only an hour or two after taking in a full on supper! Sometimes I’d make as many as three sandwiches, and if I was feeling extra ballsy, I’d quietly open one of the cupboards and grab a box of Swiss Cheese or Premium Plus crackers. Off I’d run to the safety of the basement, or my room, where I’d shovel the glory down my gullet while taking in an episode of The Drew Carey Show, Seinfeld, or the Simpsons.

I was so proud of my secret, shameful thievery, thinking my parents would never be able to guess where all those boxes of crackers where disappearing to… I even got caught making these sandwiches many times, but I was always quick with the excuses.

“No!! They’re not for right now, I’m just making my lunch for tomorrow!”

That was definitely my go-to/favourite excuse.

And when I’d creep back into the fridge to grab my “lunch” later that night I would smile, and continue on my way.

Anyway, fast forward many years later and here I am today, and what a great day it is!

Now I don’t weigh myself on a regular basis, it’s sort of like following the Stock Market; watching the daily fluctuations up and down can just drive you crazy! Today, however, I decided to take the plunge and jump onto that square shaped, self-worth measuring machine.

Usually the number on the far left of the digital readout screen is a “2,” and there were times in my life when I would be faced with a “3” staring back at me. But today, for the first time in over a decade, that “2” has morphed itself into a “1.”

My arms flew into the air! “Holy shit!!”, I yelled. 199.5 pounds! I FUCKING DID IT!

If my 22 year old self knew this was coming he’d never believe me.

“Shut up and wash down that Delissio pizza with this strawberry milkshake already!” is what he’d demand.

It’s easy to have the “hindsight is 20/20” moment when you start losing a significant amount of weight. Of course I should have done this years ago. I always knew it was a serious issue affecting both my self esteem and my health.  I’ve been actively pursuing weight loss in a serious way for at least 6 years now, after spending a bit of time living in a van. I wish I would have stuck with it sooner and not fallen off the wagon so often, but that doesn’t matter now. This time is different, and I’m playing for keeps.

If you’re fighting with the weight loss dilemma in your life then just pull the trigger.



Seriously. Do it. Once it starts rolling it becomes easy!

You don’t need a gym membership, or a dietitian. You know what food is good and bad for you. It’s common sense. Exercise wise, start with 40 squats and 40 sit ups every day. Go down to Walmart and buy a $40 set of weights and start doing 25 to 50 concentration curls a day. This all takes 5 minutes, and it makes a HUGE difference.

As the motivation grows you’ll extend and expand upon your routine. You’ll start to feel so good that the positive effects can’t help but snowball into a very positive lifestyle change.

No longer do my knees and ankles scream for me to sit down after 5 to 10 minutes of walking. No more does that inner thigh/leg chaffage build up and ruin my outings and adventures. (To my fat friends: I know you understand the horror of the fat walk chafe. Skinny  folk will never, ever understand this sort of discomfort.) My energy and motivation levels are at record highs. My self worth is magnified, and I ooze respect and self confidence now. We all should, we all will, and we’re going to start right now.


Your friend,
The Frugster


Photo credit: http://weightlossconfidence.com/


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