August 2014 Income and Spending

Alrighty, so here we are with another month that’s come and gone and it’s time to air out the unmentionables.

FYI: I broke my right wrist this week so I’ll be keeping things short and sweet. And yes, I’m right handed…boo…

Anyway, here are the numbers.


Paychecks: $1084.80
Tips: $6.95
Interest/Dividends from investments: $18.71
Other: $56.92 (This includes $40 from a gig with my band, $4 from returned bottles and $12.92 I received from SOCAN as a royalty payment for a tune of mine that is currently being used in a TV show across the pond in the UK.)

Total: $1167.38



Juice for Booze: $17.97 (this is the “Cider Fund” for our delicious Frugal Home Brew!)
Coffee/Snacks: $37.43
Groceries: $115.89
Booze: $20.42
Fast Food/Restaurants: $56.90


Cell Phone: $34.35
Rent: $258.75
Tenant Insurance: $5.61
Internet: $23.28


Taxi Rides: $24
Public Transit: $8.25

Home Supplies and Maintenance

Kitchen/Bathroom supplies: $11.05
Clothing: $5.25


Drivers License Renewal: $84
Gifts: $19.11
Records/Albums: $2.09
Other Misc: $11.13

Total: $ 735.48


Questrade TFSA Deposits: $428.47

So right off the bat you can see that my bills are much more in line with my “normals” compared to July’s numbers. My philosophy of paying my bills weekly is working out swimmingly, and I’d recommend it to anyone who finds paying it all with that one paycheck at the end of the month too stressful and depressing.

I was successful in basically cutting my expenses on booze and restaurants/fast food in half, which is a reason to celebrate!

My overall hours at work were cut back, so my income was on the low side of things this month. That being said, I was still successful in saving and investing $428.47.  A savings rate of about 36 or 37 percent. That amount was transferred directly into my discount brokerage account and was used to buy some more low cost Index Funds.

Well, that’s it from your friend The Frugster today.

How do my income/expenses compare to yours? Any tips and tricks you care to share?


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